Ethan Young

Ethan Young

Hello,  my name is Ethan Lake Young and I am now working for the Kingdom here at the Sullivan congregation. So that the reader can know a little about me, I was born in Memphis, Tennessee on December 28th 1992. We lived in a suburb of Memphis in Mississippi for about 13 years until moving to Alabama.

I then was there until I graduated high school in 2011. From there I did one year of secular school at the Missouri State University. I decided that was not for me and then found that I wanted to become a minister of God’s word. I started schooling at the Bible Institute of Missouri in 2012 and then completed my schooling there in June 2014.

The reasons one decides to become a minister are really too numerous to count sometimes. However I always knew I wanted to be able to help people but I did not know how I wanted to do this. I then took part in assisting a fellow brother by jump starting a fading youth group. I then realized what my mission in life would be and then enrolled at the Bible Institute of Missouri that very fall. My door is always open to those who want to know more about God’s word. Please find time to come visit us here. We would really appreciate it and you would be considered our honored guest.

In the Love of God,

Ethan Lake Young