3rd     AM   What is The True Foundation? 

           PM    The Great Physician

10th   AM    Be Prepared for the Opposition

           PM    The True Purpose of Christ’s Coming

17th    AM   Doctrine of Personal Responsibility

           PM    Doctrine of Free Will

24th   AM   Come Unto Me

31st    PM    Tradition over Commandment



7th      AM  What Does it Take?

            PM   The Fullness of God with the Church

14th    AM   Jesus is Greater Than Them All

            PM   The Law of Offenses

21st     AM   N/A

            PM   There Shall Be No End

28th   AM   The Great Institution of God

            PM   It is All the Same



6th      AM   The Call of True Repentance

            PM   The Door, Shepherd, and Fold

13th   AM    Denominationalism

           PM    Is It Really That Important?

20th   AM    Progression of Desolation

           PM    Who Am I?

27th   AM    Clean!

          PM     The Lord Jehovah Is



3rd    AM    Sin and The Soul

          PM    Is the Lord Your King?

10th   AM   Show Them the Temple of the Lord

          PM    The Type of Man Job Was

17th   AM   The Hierarchy of the One True Church

          PM    The Major Purposes of Genesis

24th   AM    What is After This?

          PM    What Does the Gospel Mean?



1st     AM    The Only Ones Going to Heaven (Phil Jackson)

          PM    Motivate (Jerry Craft)

8th    AM     Does God Really Exist? (Part 1)

         PM     N/A

15th  AM   Does God Really Exist? (Part 3)

         PM    Does God Really Exist? (Part 4)

22nd AM   God and His People’s Relationship

         PM    N/A

29th  AM   The Adoption of Children

         PM   The Consistency of Our Lord 



5th   AM   Blessed are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness 

        PM    Does God Change?

12th AM   The Surety of a Christian’s Faith

        PM    N/A

19th AM   Why Study the Beatitudes? 

         PM   His Love

26th AM   Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

        PM    Let the Walls Come Down



3rd   AM   Together for Christ (Jerry Craft)

         PM    N/A

24th  AM   Blessed are the Meek

         PM   Bear the Marks of Jesus



7th   AM   Blessed are the Pure in Heart

         PM   The Word is the Word

14th  AM   Blessed are the Peacemakers 

         PM   Alcohol 

21st  AM   Blessed are the Persecuted

         PM   Marriage Principles by Paul

28th AM   Warning!

         PM   N/A



4th   AM   Be Thou An Example in Word

        PM    Be Thou An Example in Conduct

11th  AM   The Problem of Gambling

         PM   Nothing Can Separate Us

18th  AM  What Really is Modesty?

         PM   What it Takes to Evangelize

25th  AM  Homosexuality (Please start at 7:40)

         PM   I Have Been Sent by My Father



2nd    AM   The Judgment of God

          PM   Capital Punishment: Evil or Just? 

9th    AM   What God Expects Out of Bosses and Employees

         PM   Moses: A Man of Many Excuses

16th  AM   God the Deliverer and Redeemer

         PM    God the Exhorter

22nd AM   Unity:The Problem and the Solution

         PM   Look!

30th  AM   Church Discipline

         PM   True Men of God 



6th   AM   Politics and the Christian

        PM    Walk in the Light!

13th AM   Holidays vs. Holy Days

        PM   The P’s of Jesus

20th AM   Why Should I Attend Services? (Part 1)

         PM   Why Should I Attend Services? (Part 2)

27th  AM   Sacrifice Yourselves

         PM   It is Not in Vain



4th   AM   The Lord is My Shepherd

         PM   The Providence of God 

11th AM   The Power That Pertains to the Promises Which We Shall Partake

         PM   Till I Come

18th AM   N/A (Bad Weather)

         PM   N/A (Bad Weather)

25th AM   N/A (Corrupted File)

         PM   N/A




1st   AM    The Three Bare Witness

        PM    Attitude Towards the Lost

8th   AM   Who Will Cast the First Stone?

         PM   Blind But Now I See

15th  AM   From the Washing of Feet

         PM   I Am the Way (Unavailable)

22nd AM   Ezra’s Heart

         PM   Thou Art My Lamp

29th  AM   Has Communication Really Changed?

         PM   Great Is Jehovah



5th    AM   God Did Not Forget

         PM    Korah’s Conundrum

12th  AM   Look Out Among Yourselves

         PM   Say Not I Am a Child

19th  AM   Ye Shine As Lights

         PM    Let Us Therefore Be Thus Minded

26th  AM   Fear God or Forever Lose Your Peace

         PM   Hear the Word of the Lord Ye Children of Israel



5th   AM   Is It the Same or Different?

         PM   Are You Ready?

12th  AM   Back Into the Maze

         PM   The Duty of the Strong

19th  AM   Zeal Vs. Knowledge

         PM  And He Took the Cup

26th  AM  I Am the Alpha and Omega

         PM  Worthy is the Lamb




2nd   AM   Who’s Got Your Yoke?

         PM    If We Keep His Commandments

9th   AM    Jesus Christ: Master of the Sword

         PM    The Churches in Asia

16th AM    Cornelius Was A Lot of Things

         PM    Be Holy As I Am Holy

23rd AM   The Superiority of Now 

         PM   The Tale of a Male, Sail, Whale, Propel, and Fail

30th AM   His Grace is Amazing

        PM    Where is Your Authority?



7th   AM   Therefore I Will Have Hope

        PM    His Name is Wonderful

14th AM   Down With The Sickness

        PM    They Rejected All of Him

21st AM    The Great Pinnacle of Faith 

       PM     Why Are We So Afraid?

28th AM    Cut Them Off and Pluck Them Out (Jerry Craft)

        PM    Put Them Into Practice (Jerry Craft)



4th  AM    Belief Should Be a Relief

       PM     What Will Fulfill My Life?

11th AM   Confessing Him Before Men

       PM    (Fred Fife)

18th AM   Unless Ye Repent

       PM     Wisdom That is From Above

25th AM   What is Baptism Really?

       PM     Who Chose Who?



2nd AM   Is the Church a Building?

        PM   Trim Along the Edges

9th  AM   What is Hope?

       PM    N/A

16th AM  Prayer From Paul 

       PM  Now He Who Promises Us

23rd AM   Gay or Nay

       PM    Wash Yourselves Clean

30th  AM   The Power of God With Joshua

       PM    Growing in God’s Word




6th   AM   The Power of God With Gideon

      PM    We Must Be Bold

13th  AM   The Power of God with Elisha

      PM    We Must Go Show the Word of God

20th  AM   The Power of God With Jesus

      PM    N/A

27th  AM   Who is God?

      PM    N/A



3rd   AM   The Decree of Darius

      PM    Walk Ye Worthy of Me

10th  AM   The New Testament Church

      PM    N/A

17th  AM   What’s in a Name?

      PM    Blessed is Revelation (Part 1)

24th  AM   You Want In?

      PM    Blessed is Revelation (Part 2)



1st   AM   N/A

      PM    Enriched By His Grace

8th   AM   Established

      PM   Enriched by A New Relationship

15th  AM   Whats the Big Deal?

      PM    Enriched by Preaching

22nd  AM   N/A

      PM    Enriched by the Love of Christ

29th  AM   N/A

      PM    Enriched by Unity



5th   AM   I Will Sing With the Understanding

       PM    Enriched by Doing Our Part

12th  AM  In the Supper of the Lord

       PM      N/A

19th  AM  What Should I Do During a Sermon?

       PM     Enriched by Christ’s Example

26th  AM  To Give or Not to Give

       PM      Answering Bible Questions With Bible Answers (1)



3rd   AM Whose Work

       PM   Answering Bible Questions With Bible Answers (2)

10th  AM Why Don’t We Have Elders?

       PM   Investing in a Life of Obedience

17th  AM Christ With Belial

       PM   Enriched by the Husband’s Role

24th  AM N/A

       PM   N/A

31st  AM Resolved for Resolutions

       PM   Equipped to Stand





7th   AM  The Purpose of Church Discipline

       PM   The Precepts of Church Discipline

14th  AM The Shepherd’s Call

       PM   Apostasy: Fact or Fiction?

21st  AM It is Revealed

       PM   The Truth

28th  AM May the Power Be of God

       PM   To the UNKNOWN God



4th   AM  All Believers Are Sowed

       PM   N/A

11th  AM Baptism

       PM   Heavenly Wisdom

18th  AM Get the Plank Out of Your Eye!

       PM   Riddle Me This

25th  AM Get Away From Me!

       PM   N/A



4th   AM  Who Wants a Good Life?

       PM   Be Ready to Give an Answer!

11th  AM Why Suffer for Christ?

       PM   Let Us Love One Another

18th  AM You Gotta Walk the Walk

       PM   Anytime is a Good Time

25th  AM The Words Written in Red

       PM    Beneath the Shadow of Your Wing



1st   AM  What Does the Resurrection Mean?

       PM   Happy Shalt Thou Be

8th   AM The Lord’s Love (1)

       PM   The Lord’s Love (2)

15th  AM


22th  AM


29th  AM